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Air Filter Maintenance of Air Conditioning Unit

Now a day’s air conditioning unit is the major commodity for all establishments, it might be residential, commercial or business, to have healthy and safe environment. Frequent use of air conditioning system is necessary to make its frequent checkup, cleaning or replacements to get optimum performance. Air filter maintenance is the first and foremost task that one must perform in order to keep air conditioning system effective also enhances its longevity.

Air filter of ventilating system has a lot to do in case if you want to maintain healthy atmosphere of the desired place. Even if, air conditioning unit is fitted with an efficient filter, still air filter maintenance and cleaning is required to get the best central air conditioning.

Ideally, air filter requires inspection once in a month and should be cleaned or replaced depending upon the condition of it. Following are the reasons behind regular air filter maintenance on the regular basis.

• Air filter of the air conditioning unit functions as a barrier between dirt, dust, pollen, and other particles that would otherwise suck into the coils of the unit. The coils are actually responsible for cooling the air, and plate of many tiny slivers which are present in it allows the air to flow. That means improper air filter maintenance will lead to the clogging of the slivers with dust or debris particles, and finally the air flow is obstructed. Over time, if this condition remains unattended then, this might cause compression; also let the air polluted with these particles, hence more health hazards.

• Proper and regular air filter maintenance can save an average of 5%-15% on your monthly utility bills. If you do not take appropriate step to maintain the air filter of the air conditioning unit then filter receives more and more dust, and airflow becomes more restricted, and this will lead the unit to pull the same amount of air through it, and this ultimately costs you more on the utility bills.

An air conditioning filter also required to be changed at least four times in a year for residential purpose and even frequently for the commercial air conditioning and this replacement is also important aspect of air filter maintenance. Purchase the air filter of the air conditioning unit as per your requirement because different types of filter are available.

First it is important to decide the size of air filter, and it is mentioned on the side of the device. Always opt for the filter having more efficiency and can trap the minute dust particles even. Chemical coated air filters are also available which can kill harmful bacteria that can cause harm to your family. Filter should always be of the well known company if you want to enjoy its benefit for a long period.

If you fail at air filter maintenance, you will get the hot or cold air, but that will be dirty and full of pollutants. All other parts of air conditioning like the ductwork or the air conditioning refrigerant also need clean air filter to function effectively. Effective and proper air filter maintenance happens to be the base of effective and proper functioning of the air conditioning unit.

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