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Periodic Awnings Power Washing Is Necessary

Awning is a roof like structure, often made of metal, fabric or plastic that serves as a shelter from the sun rays, over a storefront, window or door. Awnings can add beauty to the building and an appeal to the entrance ways. They often get dirty if we do not take their proper care and will start looking shabby and withered. Awnings power washing is the best mode of removing the dirt deposits periodically, to bring back that new look and to maintain those awnings to last longer.

Awnings power washing is required to prolong the life of these awnings because of the following reasons:

  1. Awnings remain exposed to wind, rain and the other elements of nature which leave them coated in dirt and debris. Dirt, grime and dust stuff get accumulated on these awnings make their texture fade and dull.
  2. Most of the times debris from an upper level keep falling onto the awning, and constant debris falling cause the staining to occur. Periodic awnings power washing prevents this permanent staining to occur.
  3. Even the nests of birds, bees and spider webs can also take place in the nooks and corners of the awnings that make awnings power washing of the inner side of the awnings as difficult as the exterior portion.
  4. Mildew is actually what is left from mold settling into areas of the awnings that get wet or remain wet often. If dust accumulates on the awnings, the awnings become more susceptible to mold and mildew after a few rainy seasons.

In order to conduct awnings power washing, it is important to know specific requirement of the power washer. Moreover, selection of the cleaning chemicals that is appropriate for the specific material. A few attachments also required to reach the high places inside and outside the awnings.

  • When you are ready to start awnings power washing, then start to rinse the awning with clean water, which can be done with a pressure washer sprayer with the help of attachment that allows reaching there. If the awning is metal then use a 25-degree tip on the end of the power washer and if fabric then 40-degree tip.
  • Attach power washer hose to the source of the water and switch on the washer. Then clean with the chemical solution and make use of the gentle scrubber that depends on the amount of dirt and buildup. Hold the washer nozzle 2 to 3 feet from the awning and clean it with water.
  • In order to prevent streaks formation, it is important to start from the bottom because the chemicals keep running down the awning. While performing awnings power washing, spray water gradually upon the awning many times to clear all of the dirt and debris. Finally, turn off the washer and allow the awning to get dry.

An awning is used to provide shade from direct sunlight, rain or snow moreover they save energy by preventing direct sunlight from entering the rooms. They have multipurpose functions but their cleanliness is mandatory to keep then intact and in a proper shape. So do not wait till the awning is too filthy to clean it. Frequent awnings power washing is the great solution to save time on rinsing, removing the debris and preventing the permanent stain washing.

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