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Structures having high ceilings look attractive, but over a period of time a lot of things, including cobwebs and dust can gather over the beams and can render them less attractive. It is therefore important to keep this portion of your building clean regularly. Though these types of work can be done by an individual, it is better if you leave the matter of beams cleaning to professionals as they understand the know-how of these types of cleaning methods.

Undertaking beams cleaning once or twice each year helps eliminate the accumulation of dirt and other unwanted particles. People living beneath the structure too can look forward to living peacefully and healthily. Easy as it looks these cleaning activities should not be carried out by you, particularly when you are untrained in this job and don’t have the necessary equipment with you. In fact, beams cleaning are not as easy as climbing a ladder and using basic tools to clean over. A lot of things have to be considered and a number of steps have to be followed to ensure these activities are carried out smoothly.

Using lesser known tools will never let you come close to removing materials that are hanging loosely from high-altitude beams. To get them cleaned completely, you will need high-reach and specialized tools at your disposal. That’s not all; you will also need the services of experienced personnel at your disposal.

There are few important instructions you will need to follow to get beams cleaning done effectively. Given below are some of them:

1] First up, you need to cover the floor using a newspaper, old sheet or a painter’s drop cloth. Make sure that the floor area directly beneath the beams are well covered using these materials. You then need to cover the items that are hard to clean otherwise. This could include items like light colored rugs and furniture. You may use the same materials for covering these areas as you did to cover the floor. Place a ladder on an even part of the floor.

2] As a next step in beams cleaning you need to have your vacuum’s hose attachment hooked up properly. One end of the PVC pipe has to be tied to the hose attachment. Both the touching ends need to be tightly wrapped using a duct tape at least 2-3 times. Now the vacuum needs to be turned on. Leave behind this vacuum on the floor and then climb the ladder. You then need to aim the PVC pipe towards clumps of dust and cobwebs and force them to get sucked down the pipe.

3] Have the Telescopic cleaning pole’s end attached to a lambswool or synthetic duster head. However, to get rid of a thick layer of dust you need to use a synthetic brush. Adjust the length of the pole as per your requirement. Now, climb the ladder and sweep the beams.

4] In the last step of your beams cleaning, add a few drops of mild liquid soap into the water and keep it ready. Attach a sponge to one end of the pole and dampen it using the soap water. Wipe out the stubborn areas using this pole and then the dry the area using a flat, dry and clean mop head.


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