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Bird Problems in Dryer Vents and Their Solutions

A dryer vent is something that is difficult to maintain because birds prefer to make their nests in or around the dryer vent. The reason behind this fact is very simple because the dryer vent is warm and looks safe. When birds make a nest in the dryer vent, it creates a few dangerous situations. Understanding Bird Problems in Dryer Vents and adopting them is mandatory to avoid these dangerous conditions.

Major “Bird Problems in Dryer Vents and their solutions” are:

  • When birds are using dryer vent as their habitat, then they cause great damage. Bird droppings and nest material will block the dryer. Moreover if, eggs are lying or babies are also there then they increase the intensity of the blockage.
  • Lint also builds up fast if already blockage is there inside the dryer. Blockage will make the dryer work hard to generate warm air and finally damage its functioning. Dryer will take more time to dry up the clothes leading to more operating cost and wastage of time.
  • If still we do not pay attention even on warning signs then it creates potential for fire hazard. Fire can also endanger our family. Dry nesting material will catch fire leading to the burnt baby birds. Dead baby birds will catch dangerous bacteria, which will create, further health hazards.
  • Health hazards make another major issue in relation to “Bird Problems in Dryer Vents and their solutions” because birds also carry disease. Their presence in the dryer vent can carry the bacteria and parasites in your home that can lead to serious illnesses.

       Solutions to the above problems

  • Cleaning of dyer vent

Cleaning of dryer vent is very essential to solve all the above problems at least annually because it is an important aspect of Bird Problems in Dryer Vents. Nowadays homes are designed in such a way that dryers are located away from an exterior wall in bathrooms, kitchens etc. So dryers have more vents to cover such extended distance. As a result, the dryer ducts longer length provides more places where birds and nesting can hide.

So it is beneficial to have of regular dryer vent cleaning which is an important aspect of Bird Problems in Dryer Vents and their solutions. Firstly, regular watch will prevent the formation of nest in the vent. Moreover, will prevent any sort of blockage which will further reduce drying time. This will increase life of the dryer and its efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning will prevent any sort of fire hazards.

  • Dryer vent cover

As we have discussed, birds prefer dryer vents as their place to hide but, thus they can lead to major problems. So it is important to cover up the dryer vent. Covering can be done simply by placing screen or wire mesh around the dryer vent. Placing hardware cloth around it will also fix the problem.

Even dryer vent guards are also available in different sizes. Place appropriate vent guard which can be quite inexpensive and easy to install.

Now we have some idea about the Bird Problems in Dryer Vents and their solutions. Birds are really beautiful creatures but still they can create trouble by clogging the dryer vent and other openings of the house. Be prepared to tackle these problems but along with that also take care of this small creature. Thus, follow the above mentioned tips in order to understand, Bird Problems in Dryer Vents.


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