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Problems with Birds Nesting In Vents

Dryer vents is the most important part of any dryer and this is because these dryer vents are the ones that help in keeping the dryer temperature and low and ensure expulsion of air that is used for drying. But many dryer users have overlooked the importance of these dryers. There are many dryer users today who have not understood the importance of keeping the dryer clean from lint and other external impurities that can damage the dryer vent and cause irreparable damage to the dryer vent and the dryer. Furthermore birds nesting in vents prove to be a problem when it comes to emission of steam from the dryer.

Birds nesting in vents consider this place as they are suitable for the growth of their young ones. These vents provide the right type of protection and also the heat that is required for their young ones to grow. But these nests tend to cause a lot of problems to the dryer functioning and hence one must make sure that this is avoided at any cost. Birds nesting in vents have a profound impact on the amount of steam that is expelled from the vents.

It is highly important that the dryer vent properly removes all the used air from the dryer as their presence within the dryer tend to increase the pressure within the dryer and thereby increases the heat within the dryer. Also the inability of the vent to remove air from the dryer affects the performance of the dryer. The dryer is unable to function properly and it tends to absorb more energy in order to expel the heat from through the dryer vents. Hence the person using the dryer needs to spend more time and energy in ensuring that their daily drying dosage is fulfilled.

Apart from this the sticks and twigs used by the birds in building these nests can sometimes fall into the dryer vent and when a considerable amount of sticks and twigs fall into the vent they completely block the flow of steam and can cause considerable damage to the vent. The vent can also experience scratching of the inner walls due to these sticks. Furthermore lint along with these wooden chunks can act as a suitable source for dryer fires. Normally lint is flammable and along with these wooden bits they tend to aggravate their characteristics of acting as a fire fuel.

Birds nesting in vents can prove to be a corrosive agent for the vents. Bird droppings from the nests can end up within the dryer vent can their accumulation can lead to the corrosion of the vent. Furthermore these droppings can make the place smell stale and can make the clothes’ odor bad. Thus it is recommended that a person keeps the dryer vents clean and any signs of birds nesting in vents must be acted upon immediately by calling in professionals and making sure they move the nest to a safer place without destroying them. More information about this can be gotten by visiting the websites of these professional agencies. 


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