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Bricks Power washing- Keep Them Sparkling Clean

Brick is a constructing material which is used for different applications from chimneys to walkways. Brick walls add beauty to the exterior look of the building. It requires a periodic cleaning to preserve these bricks. Bricks power washing is capable to clean the bricks with a moderate amount of effort and time.

Bricks get exposed to the outside elements like sun, rain, mold, algae, smoke, bird droppings, sand and dust etc. If all this stuff is allowed to settle on the bricks over the long time-period, it will make such structures old and dull and can lead to further material erosion. The longer the period the harder it becomes to remove such debris. Bricks Power washing is used to remove water stains, mold, mildew, dirt and debris left on the bricks.

Cleaning of the brick is made excessively easy with the pressure washers, a machine that relives the pain of manually removing tough stains, dirt and grime from the bricks. Bricks power washing can remove all signs of dirt, algae, stains etc. within minutes and your bricks will be sparkling like new ones.

Certain things to be kept in mind while bricks power washing

  • Firstly you need to evaluate the area around the bricks to be cleaned and protect the area adjacent to the bricks. Cover all the surrounding vegetation, disconnect any electrical connections nearby and close all doors and windows. If we ignore this step it can lead to serious damage, so it important to ensure that all surrounding area is protected from the pressure of water.
  • Look for any gaps or cracks in the bricks and ensure to fill them with mortar, let them get dry for at least a week before the bricks power washing in order to prevent worsening of the damages. If these gaps are left as it is, the water can seep to the other side of the wall and cause problems. You can additionally scrub any rigid dirty areas present on the bricks with a stiff brush.
  • Adjust the tip, over the pressure washer nozzle to low-pressure mode. You will have to purchase a cleaning detergent to be used in the pressure washers. Market is full of such cleaning detergents; you should have to select which detergent is best for needs. Even you can consult some power washing professionals.
  • Before starting the process, make sure that you understand the concept of the bricks power washing, you should exactly know how everything works. Each power washer comes with different levels of pressure, and you need to manage the washer at each level to have an effective cleaning.
  • Once done with all the primary preparations, you are now ready to start the power washer. Always remember to clean the bricks starting from the bottom and moving your way upwards in order to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Bricks power washing will remove the dust, strains, grime and algae but ensure that all the detergent has been removed from the bricks. You can increase the pressure of the power washer to remove the last trace of the detergent from the bricks.

Bricks power washing makes the bricks spotless and clean which is surely a smart way in order to keep these shining. Though bricks seem difficult to maintain, the power cleaning made the process extremely easy, and you can definitely invest in a power washer in order to make the bricks look fantastic.

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