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Avoid Fires by Cleaning a Dryer Regularly

Dryer lint is highly combustible and within specific circumstances can cause the dryer to catch fire. This can further be of a serious nature as it might circulate across the vent system thereby spreading the fire quickly all through the house. Cleaning a dryer is a very necessary step in your maintenance. A dryer eliminates around half a pound of water, but lint remains through the lint trap and the air is pushed through the dryer exhaust unit.

With time, excessive lint builds up in the dryer and the exhaust system, thus limiting the air movement. As a result, dryer runs much faster and harder, heating the electric motor and vulnerable to fire. Excessive lint accumulation in the dryer is actually a ready prospect for catching fire anytime, so cleaning a dryer regularly can save your property from catching fire.

Dryer Security and Assessment Suggestions

1. Ensure that the lint trap doesn't have rips and should be thoroughly clean previous to every drying action. When you see lint on the lint trap is moist, it implies that it's time to clean the dryer vents. Additionally, the lint screen must be gently cleaned per week and washed using gentle dish cleaning agent. This way cleaning a dryer will reduce the chances of fire accidents.

2. Visually examine the external vent hood to the side of your house whenever the dryer is functioning. If you observe that flaps aren't rolling and there's no air-flow, it's time for cleaning a dryer exhaust, and then thoroughly re-examined.

3. Examine all around the dryer for lint on the ground. It is a caution signal for cleaning a dryer exhaust’s system.

4. In case your clothing is taking many cycles to dry out, this may be a signal that the time has come for cleaning a dryer exhaust.

5. Do not ever dry out any clothing which has been drenched with any kind of flammable as it can cause an explosion inside your dryer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips

There are some goods available online which could be utilized to clean the vents, for example, brushes having rods that are linked to a higher powered drill. It's essential that you contact an expert when cleaning a dryer due to the distinctive circumstances. A few of these circumstances are incorrect vents, loosened or shut off vents, or vents having lots of sides and bends. A dryer cleaning specialist normally has various kinds of cleaning products according to the circumstance. You must inquire if the dryer vent expert will perform on-site fixes since around 50% of the problems experienced require something of this aspect.



Dryer Vent Fixes

A few of the fixes which may be required may contain rerunning or replacing the dryer vent exhaust will be  replacing a vent hood, cleaning a dryer from the roof top beginning with the place where duct exits near the dryer, also ripping into the wall structure or roof to fix a vent which has loosened. In case you are not able to do it on your own, hand it over to a dryer vent expert.

Thus, always keep in mind that if you want to avoid dryer vent fires in your house, cleaning a dryer regularly yourself or by an expert annually is must to prolong your dryer’s life.


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