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Selection and Installation of the Right Dryer Duct

We always come across this fact that Dryer duct cleaning is very important because if not managed properly can lead to fire hazard. The reason behind the cleaning is very obvious because, over time, a layer of lint get settled in to it which go on thickening gradually ultimately leading to the blockage of the ducts. Dryer duct is a crucial as well and sensitive portion and vulnerable to damages.  Any damage may produce a hazardous condition for the house owner, so timely cleaning and evaluation of the condition of duct is very much required.

Though cleaning the dryer duct is important to keep the dryer in the good condition that too for a longer period. However, we can do plenty for the safe functioning of the dryer in the long run while making a selection of the dryer duct and while getting them installed. Material, size, length, shape etc. of the ducts matter a lot because if selected properly than half of the burden while cleaning will reduce and this will also enhance the efficiency of the dryer.

Some of the characteristics of the dryer duct to be taken care while selecting them

 • Rigid aluminum duct or duct made up of flexible duct is preferred over the plastics ones because plastic ducts collect more lint moreover they can be crushed and obstruct airflow. Whereas metal ducts resist crushing much efficiently than plastic ducts also allow the air and lint to flow through the system smoothly.

• The dryer duct length should not exceed 25 feet, and in case, it exceeds then booster fan is required, and preferable diameter is of 4 inch. More the length of the duct more the lint builds up.

• In the homes, sometimes dryers are positioned in that place that requires the ducts of longer lengths with too many sharp turns and bends. Turns and bends also provide more areas for the lint deposition.

While installing the dryer duct, keep the following things in mind:

• When installing the dryer duct, always take foil tape in use which is easily available at the hardware stores. It is important to ensure to seal all cracks and any leaky place that might lead the air escape from the line.

• Foil tape is best to use while installing dryer duct because screws inserted to fix the ducts will also provide base for the lint to get settled. Use plenty of foil tape to keep the ducts together and to have a strong seal.

• When dryer duct is required to cover quite a distance then you have to take care of the number of curves, it is always preferable to use ducts with small curves like 45 degree angles.

The ideal solution to have best dryer system is to have shorter and straighter dryer duct. If we do not take care of all these recommendations then wrong selection and installation of the ducts will lead to reduce airflow and huge lint build-up will disturb the proper functioning of the dryer and will also prevent the drying at the normal rate.

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