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Fences Power Washing To Prolong Its Life

A fence is a structure that is designed to restrict movement across a boundary. Fencing is a sort of protective structure around the building, and it is important to clean the settled dust, grime particles from it because it is always exposed to all types of weather-conditions. Fences Power washing is an easy way to get it shine like the new one.

Need for fences power washing

  • Sometimes we notice that the fence around our house has lost the shiny, amazing glow and has begun to deteriorate. These days many fancy fences are available, but when the texture of such fences gets damaged it will also becomes shabby and gray. Fences power washing is the one way to rescue from such problems.
  • Often fence comes in direct sun exposure, water, mildew or insect infestation etc. Wood also starts to get decomposed over time and gets more vulnerable to fungus from continued exposure to the sun rays. Wood also becomes deformed because of deep cracks and discolored spots. Periodic Fences power washing will definitely increase life of the fence and save us from the cost of getting it replaced after a few years.
  • Insect infestation will get enter into the wood fibers and start taking toll on it. Fence power washing will remove the damaged surface to expose the fresh wood inside. This will give your fence a fresh and a new look.

How to do Fences power washing

Once you notice the mold buildup on the fence, you will start noticing damaged wood or dullness in its look, thus it is time to get its power washing done. A good cleaning requires the right tool and proper process to accomplish this task of Fences power washing.   

  1. First of all, assess the fenced area properly and then develop a plan for cleaning by taking a few things in to consideration like access to the fence from both sides to be pressure washed, source of water-supply, drainage etc.
  2. Put on the protective equipment like eye-glasses and gloves before starting your pressure washer. Select a nozzle specific for the fence and attach other accessories like brush to clean different types of fence. Finally, check all the connections properly in order to avoid any type of problem.
  3. Start the pressure washer and hold the sprayer about 3-4 feet away from the fence, make a fan-shaped spray about two or three feet wide that should be strong enough to clean the fence. Stop for a moment after making slow passes in order to see if it has taken off dust particles.
  4. If still the grime is not coming off, bring the spray a bit closer. In case using the cleaning solution, according to the nature of the fence, do not allow it to settle down for more than 10 to 15 minutes otherwise it will dry and leave residue. Finally, rinse with plenty of fresh water.

Though there is no way to eliminate deterioration of the wood completely, still Fences power washing can minimize the effects. Proper maintenance of the fence once when it is installed is required to prolong its life.

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