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There are a number of fixtures and fittings that need to be cleaned in a home. It could be either the wardrobes, other furniture such as sofa sets, carpets, upholsteries, bedding just to name a few. One more important fixture that often slips our mind is lights and other such fittings that provide us light and illumination over long periods of time. We often tend to neglect cleaning of lights and other fixtures because they are situated at a height where reaching out could be a problem.

There are different types of bulbs and lights that may need cleaning and there could be costly lighting equipment like chandeliers which need special care when it comes to cleaning them regularly. Hence when it comes to light fixtures cleaning it is important to remember some basic things. First and foremost it is very important to gage the height properly and have the necessary reaching equipment for such light fixtures cleaning jobs. Towards this objective you may need special types of ladder, scaffolds and other such equipment to reach such places in the first places.

The next important thing is to make a list of things that you would need for such cleaning jobs. Climbing to a height of 20 feet and then forgetting certain important things that are needed for cleaning is something that you should avoid to the maximum extent possible. To ensure that you carry all the things that are needed for such light fixtures cleaning jobs you would do well to have a checklist in hand which takes care of the requirements. The following things are needed for a thorough and effective cleaning of light fixtures.

You should at least two mopping clothes. The first one could be used for cleaning the surfaces and making it free from dust, cobwebs and other such things. If need be you could use a long pole with cleaning brush on the head. The next important thing is to have some water, mild cleaning solutions and another set of mops for drying the fixtures that have been cleaned. Further using vacuum machines may be necessary to clean some fixtures that have dirt in some nook and corner which could be difficult for ordinary hand cleaning to perform. Another important and very vital point that cannot be overlooked as far as light fixtures cleaning is concerned is to switch off the main while such work is being done. Further you would also be advised to have your mouth and nose covered to avoid inhaling of this highly harmful dirt which could be filled with a lot of microorganisms that could cause allergic reactions.

However it is an office or factory where there are hundreds of such light fixtures that need to be cleaned, it would be better to hand over such light fixtures cleaning jobs to a third party service provider who has the right experience and expertise of handling this job thoroughly and efficiently. Here identifying competent professionals could be quite a task and you should take time off to ensure that it is not done with a tearing hurry, lest you could end up making the wrong choice.


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