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Paint booths are very commonly used when there is a need to clean surfaces in such a way that they are free from contamination and dusts. It is very common to see the use of these paint booths in various industries, particularly in the aviation and the vehicle industries. Since these painting jobs have to be done in a dust free and contamination proof environments these paint booths are used. However, while they play a big role in ensuring that the painting is done in a clean, contamination proof and dust and dirt proof environments, the problem arises when these painting booths have to be maintained and cleaned. Since, it is quite natural for paint to spill over the entire painting booth, it is important to be aware about the various paint booths cleaning methods that are available. Let us over the next few lines try and find useful tips and suggestions that could a long way in making the job of paint booths cleaning easy and economical.

The first important thing that should be kept in mind is to keep dust away from such paint booths to the extent possible. It is always to better to keep the booth doors closed even when they are not in use. When you wish to open the doors for bringing in things that need to be sprayed, it is very important to ensure that the booth is up and running so that all contaminants and dust is kept out from the booth to the extent possible. If this is made a habit then the whole process of paint booths cleaning becomes that much easier and efficient in terms of cost and time spent.

It always makes sense to buy filters that are of good quality though they may cost a bit more. It would not be advisable to cut corners hers. In the short run low-grade and cheap filter may help you save money, but such filters are sure to hamper the overall finishing of painting jobs, but are sure to leave some dust and debris behind in the paint booths which could become difficult to remove.

The next important thing that forms an important part of paint booths cleaning is to ensure that the regular clean up is done of the booths. In spite of the best care that is taken by the user, it is quite possible that some overspray is bound to get collected inside the booth surfaces, walls and other such places. Any such overspray and easily land in the equipment or article is being pained. Hence it is very important to clean the same on a regular basis. Quite often when such paint booths cleaning jobs are undertaken, only the interiors surfaces are cleaned. The painting hoses should also be cleaned regularly, because they could have excess paint in them which could cake-off and cause problems when the actual painting job is being done. It is therefore very important to clean the paint guns and the air hoses so that they do not become contributory factors for dust and contamination.


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