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Effective Pool Decks Power Washing

Having a pool in our living place needs a special attention to maintain it. Maintenance of the pool and its deck usually means properly cleaning by vacuuming it, treating it with chemicals, and all this will take long hours. Easiest way to make it clean is by calling pool decks power washing services as it will not only keep it clean, but additionally keep the area safe.

Pool decks power washing is the best way to sweep the entire deck washing of the stains, dust, and dirt and keep the pool deck slippery free. Pool deck usually gets covered with mold, stains and algae which are hard to remove moreover make the deck surface slippery hence increasing the danger. Pool decks power washing will take no time in cleaning, and you will be able to enjoy your pool in no time.

Pool deck power washing services

  • Many power washers are available to wash your pool deck. Thus, select the appropriate one and remove all items from your pool deck like furniture, etc, which can be damaged during pool decks power washing. Look around the pool deck to check for the direction of drainage.

    Now wear protective goggles and gloves and get ready with your power washer, connect it with the water supply. Check the nozzles and any accessories if they are connected tightly and if loosened it can hurt you or damage your pool deck.
  • Then by holding the power washer pipe straight out targeting towards the spilled material, leaves, stains, dust, algae etc just remove them properly. Presence of mold and algae poses a danger of slippery so it important to use bleach which will remove the mold. It is advisable to apply the appropriate chemical with a pump up garden sprayer. Begin to use Pressure Washer by spraying it 3-4 ft away from the specified target point.
  • Specific spray tips are recommended for specific deck material in concern of pool decks power washing. The 0° Spray red tip is ideal for concrete, and metal decks and its stream of water may actually be too narrow. This tip is not advisable for wood applications. The 15° Spray yellow tip is great for cleaning the deck. The 25° Spray green tip is used for general washing purpose and can be used for both wood and concrete decks. The 40° Spray White tip is a great approach to implement since it washes and cleanses any decks.
  • While doing pool decks power washing, use a few passes to see if surface is clean or not, allow a 5-10 minute waiting period to check the working of the solution. If it works, power wash the pool deck one more time with water and properly rinse away all chemicals. After that, let the deck get dry for at least 48 hours before paint. For having a nice and beautiful looking pool deck, you need to select the right paint color.

Once the pool decks power washing is completed your pool becomes ready to be the most beautiful place, and you are ready to have a party. With this easiest way, to clean the pool deck you need not be worried next time about the badly scattered material whenever you are hosting a party there.

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