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Power Washing

Power washing is a very effective way of cleaning different types of surfaces, may it be surface of equipment, patios, fences, and a lot others. With power washing you can effectively remove hard-to-remove stains as it uses pressure wash with 300 degree 3,000 psi stream. You can clean electrical/mechanical parts without disassembly as the pressure coming from the power washing equipment goes through the innermost parts of the system with ease. Another cleaning method used is the use of wet and dry vac. A wet and dry vac is a versatile and a convenient tool used in cleaning. It effectively sucks out dirt and other debris like screws and nails which can be harmful for other type of vacuum cleaners. We can also use a hand scrub in cleaning for mild and easy cleaning. One more cleaning idea that we have to know is about ice blasting. Ice blasting which is the most efficient way to remove mold, uses ice which is accelerated in a pressurized air steam to create an impact on the surface. These cost effective services help you effectively leave no hazardous, solvents, or wastes behind.

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