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Cleanliness within school areas will not be totally complete without school air duct cleaning. Polluted indoor air pose potential health risks to the health of the students, the teaching force, and other personnel in the learning facility. School air duct cleaning, cleaning of heating and ventilation systems, dust collection systems in shops, boilers, air conditioning systems, air handling units, SARS units, laboratory fume hood systems, shop fume hood systems, and other related systems need to be done to ensure that indoor conditions is conducive for learning.

Getting these cleaning works done is an effective way of improving and restoring the indoor air quality. It can make the general ventilation systems increase its efficiency. Efficiently running systems can provide enough conditioned air thus indoors become comfortable. More than improving the indoor air quality and comfort, health is still the number one reason why it is important to get school duct cleaning done. School duct cleaning can effectively eliminate the contaminants can potentially be related to asthma, allergies, ADHD, cold, flu, headaches, and difficulty in concentrating. When these things are eliminated then learning can be more effective and number of absences will be reduced.

Aside from school duct cleaning, cleaning of laundry room dryer vent systems or laundry room dryer venting should also be done when there are laundry facilities in school to prevent the risk of having dryer fires. Whatever type of cleaning it may be, it is important that we consider professionals and trusted companies to ensure a quality cleaning. Before the work, you can request the technicians for photos of ductwork before and after cleaning with the help of the video inspection camera to have a visible proof on the condition of the ductworks. Testing as need to confirm cleaning to specifications (Level 1 or Level 2) can also be done and a certificate of completion will be issued after all the cleaning works is done.

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