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Unless we understand what an air handler is we will not be able to understand how important and vital it is to ensure regular cleaning of air handlers for the overall efficient functioning of the entire HVAC system. The main function of air handlers is to condition the air by making it cool or warm and then pushing it through the ducts and vents for circulation to the various rooms and other places where air conditioning is needed. These air handling units play a big role in helping us to lead a comfortable life in our home when the weather is sweltering hot outside. However while they perform a very thankless job it is our responsibility to ensure that proper maintenance and cleaning of air handler units take place to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the machines. 
The best way to find out whether the ACU (air-handler units) requires maintenance or overhaul could be made out from the weird sounds that they may be making when they are in operation. As an end user not having the right technical knowledge or skill, it would be almost impossible for us to find out the cause of these noises. Under such circumstances it would be better to take the help and assistance of professional ACU cleaners who have the experience and expertise in regular cleaning and maintenance of these devices.


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