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Why air handling unit (AHU) and plant room cleaning is essential

If the guidelines set by AIRAH and AS3666.2 is anything to go by, then it is important to have air handling unit (AHU) and plant room cleaning done regularly, preferably once every month. In addition to cleaning these areas, enough attention has to be given to cleaning drain trays. All these units should ideally be cleaned once every year. However, if any problem comes up during the regular monthly checkup then the respective units have to be checked accordingly.
Given below are some monthly checks that need to be done before employing air handling unit (AHU) and plant room cleaning procedures.
Ultra violet rays that are seen fitted to different units needs to be switched off before proceeding.
Before the units are turned off and are isolated, their map readings have to be taken.
The condition of your ceilings, walls and floors need to be checked. Items that need specific attention like leaking valves, molds, dirty floors, etc have to be noted down in the report However, if minor problems like mold growths are identified, they’re cleared off using suitable disinfectants or vinegar.
The internal lights present across these units have to be checked for any problem.
The fans have to be checked for mold, dirt, rust, broken belts, etc. If there are any issues then is has to be reported.

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