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Air heater and solar air heater systems usage

Any device that is designed to heat air called air heater. An air heater utilizes various sources such as electricity, natural gas, propane, kerosene, fuel oil, diesel etc. Some are solar-powered also called solar air heaters. Earlier air systems used to have fans to circulate the warm air from the collectors. Advanced technology designed highly effective heating systems today which came to be known as the air heater and solar air heater systems. Basic difference of air heater and solar air heater systems is that the solar air heater system has solar collectors to absorb the sun energy and air heating system just circulates air heated in the collectors. This is one of the distinctions between air heater and solar air heater systems.

Different types of air heater and solar air heater systems are available, and one can purchase according to the necessity.

Air heater

Many types of air heaters are available like forced convection devices, radiant heat, duct heaters, enclosure heaters etc. Air heaters are used in various activities like packaging, electronic applications, plastics, automotive, rubber etc. They are corrosion-resistant, portable, lightweight, explosion-proof and even with time control systems.

• Duct heaters provide supplementary heat to the delivered air which is mounted in air delivery ducts.

• Enclosure heaters offer freeze protection and humidity control along with equipment protection.

• Forced convection is the transfer of heat by the flow of air with a fans, pumps or blowers. Devices include slow combustion wood heating, heat torches and fixed electric fan heaters etc.

• Radiant heaters make use of electromagnetic heat. Electromagnetic rays increase the temperature of any substance that can absorb radiation. These heaters radiate heat from the coils. These coils contain heated, circulated media such as oil, hot water, steam etc.

• Strip heaters are flat devices that can be bolted, attached to solid surfaces for freeze protection and humidity control.

Solar air heater system

• Solar air heat systems use solar collectors to absorb the sun's energy. Solar panels are utilized for the functioning of these types of systems. These solar panels heat up the air which is further conveyed into a room. The basic components of this solar system are solar collector panels, duct system and diffusers. If we compare air heaters and solar air heater systems to heat up the home, then solar air heating system has scored much more.

• Solar heating is becoming increasingly popular these days. It's an excellent approach to make use of the solar energy in a cost-effective manner. Solar heating is a relatively easy and the cost-effective way to supplement the existing home heating system. This will lower the electric bills.

• Solar air heating system is basically an active system because this is utilizing solar energy with the help of solar panels. Fans further distribute this energy. Whereas the passive system, it is based on the practice of using windows, walls and other techniques to deflect the sun for the use.

• Solar air heaters are based on the principle that warm air rise and cool air sink. They collect the cool air at the bottom of a room then circulate it with the air heater, finally blow the warmed air back into the room. Solar heating panels can be easily mounted on the windows, roof or any other place where direct sunlight available.

Air heater and solar air heater systems solve many problems that too at affordable prices. In colder countries, solar heating systems are one of the best methods to heat homes. Moreover, it reduces pollution and hence environment friendly too. Thus, the comparison between the air heater and solar air heater systems help us select the one which is best-suited to our needs.


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