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How To Ensure Good Air Quality In Your Home

It is obvious that we want the surroundings of our home to be clean and free from pollution. We want the air your quality of our surroundings to be free of pollutants and harmful gas and chemicals and towards this end we do a lot of things. The authorities also take a number of steps to ensure free and clean air in the areas surrounding our home. While all this is fine, it is also important for us to ensure that the air quality inside our home is also very clean and pure.

We have to understand the reality that we spend almost 12 to 15 hours of our daily life inside the home and hence there is a need to ensure that the quality of air we breathe inside the house is free from impurities. If not then we could be exposing ourselves and our family members to a large number of potential diseases. There are many ways by which we can take steps to ensure the quality of our air inside the home is pure and clean. But before that we need to understand more about the sources of impure air within our house.

There are many potential sources which could contribute to our air becoming impure and polluted inside our homes. First and foremost, our kitchen should be clean and properly ventilated. While cooking and undertaking other activities we release a lot of gas and fumes from the kitchen which if not blown away could make the whole atmosphere inside the home polluted and foul.

The medium of cooking that we use generate lot of fumes and the same has to be blown away. Further the food items that we store inside the kitchen are potential sources of foul air and could damage the air quality in the kitchen. So we should ensure that we do not store for a long time food that gets spoilt after a period of time. Even though we tend to keep these perishable items in the refrigerator, often it has been found that refrigerators by themselves are very notorious sources of impure air. Hence, our kitchen should be well ventilated allowing free movement of air.

The next important place that can contribute towards poor air your quality is the bathroom and toilets. It is a place which is very commonly used by us and there is a need to ensure that the ventilation arrangements in the bathrooms and toilets are good enough to ensure moving out of foul air and moving in of fresh air on a continuous basis. This can be ensured by having a good air conditioning vent system or by having doors and windows that allow free movement of air.


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