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Some Information on Clothes dryer vents

It is quite common to see cloth dryer in almost every house in the country as these machines have proven to be the best when it came to the drying of clothes. Traditional way of drying clothes was considered too strenuous and took a lot of time. the use of dryer considerably increased the efficiency of drying and also saved a lot of time. In today’s world where people are on the lookout for ways that can save time. The dryer has been a perfect machine for such people.

The dryer though highly effective have a lot of problems associated with them. Firstly to use dryers one has to associate with clothes dryer vents. These are considered one of the most essential parts of the cloth dryer as they take out the exhaust from the dryer to the outer world. But on constant use of the dryer these dryer vents tend to get clogged with lint which is the biggest cause for dryer fires that has been creating a cause of concern in recent times.

Before one understands the problems associated with the dryer vents it is essential that the person gets to know the working of these cloth dryers. The basic function of a cloth dryer involves the use of a medium to remove the wetness from the clothes. There are many types of medium that are used worldwide and the ones that are mostly preferred is dry air or dry steam. These both are by far the best mediums used and have proven to be the most efficient. Once the medium removes the wetness it is then sent to the cloth dryer vent where it is sent out. It is here that most problems occur.

When the medium takes the wetness such as water particles from the clothes it also takes some amount fiber content from the cloth. This fiber settles down on the inner side of the clothes dryer vents. Though the amount of fiber settled seems to be less it tends to multiply with the passage of time. This lint is highly inflammable and hence there is a requirement for the person using these dryers to constantly clean their dryer vents. Furthermore one has to make sure that it is done effectively with the help of the best equipment around.

Firstly the cleaning of clothes dryer vents is done in two methods. The method to be used varies with the amount of lint present in the dryer and thereby one has to make sure that they are aware of the lint content within the clothes dryer vents and then go on with the cleaning process. 


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