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Commercial exhaust systems – details you need to know

Among many different things that make up commercial exhaust systems are pipe systems. The importance of these pipes can never be underestimated. In fact, these are the systems that connect the industrial chimney to hoods. And more often than not, these connections are enabled via other components of exhaust systems like collectors, fans, etc. All these exhaust components are important in an industrial setup because it is through these networks of pipes and fans that dust particles, chemical hazards, fumes, shavings, etc from the industrial premises to the atmosphere.
Interestingly, HVAC systems are generally not considered to be a part of commercial exhaust systems. The distinction between the two systems is made on the fact that the air (or fluid) that gets passed through HVAC systems needn’t be homogenous all the time. Commercial exhausts systems are basically conveying systems that are based on pneumatic principles. As such, they’re governed by the laws associated with flow of fluids.
Most of the commercial exhaust systems that you see in the industrial units work by conveying air through it. Air is used to transfer the materials to their respective destination from hood. The material that gets transported through air in the exhaust systems also get captured there.


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