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Problems That Arise Due To Damaged or Loose Venting In a Dryer

The usage of dryer in recent times has seen a substantial increase. This has been because of the fact that these dryers have been able to reduce the time people spend on drying clothes and also the process involved in the use of dryer is much simpler than the method used previously. Though people have gotten accustomed to using the dryer there are a few things that people tend to overlook. Cleaning of a dryer is one of the most important things to remember while using a dryer and many fail to do so. Furthermore overloading is something that can decrease the performance of a dryer and at times can lead to dryer fires.

The number of fire accidents due to dryer fires has seen a significant increase in recent times and this has been due to the fact that people have failed to notice the consequences that one can arrive at due to the bad maintenance of their dryers. Furthermore people ignore the importance of cleaning their dryer often and this can lead to the accumulation of lint in the vent of a dryer. Lint is one of potential sources of fire in the dryer and hence their cleaning must not be avoided at any cost.

There are many safety measures that need to be ensured when using a dryer and one of the most important measures is the dryer vent safety. This is one part of the dryer that is highly prone to fires and hence it has to be given top priority when it comes to safety. Cleaning of dryer vents has to be done regularly and one has to constantly check for damaged or loose venting. There are many problems that can arrive due to this. Firstly when a dryer is damaged or loose the dryer exhaust which has to be sent out of the house tend to enter the house through the damage or loose end. Furthermore the heat of the dryer is controlled by the venting and damaged or loose venting can increase the heat of the dryer. Dryer vents are highly sensitive to loads and the main reason that dryer vents get damaged is large inflow of air within the vent which makes it unable to bear the pressure and thereby gets damaged.

Also loading is one important factor that decides the amount of work done by the venting system. Many people experience damaged or loose venting because they overload their dryers. This makes dryers work more than its normal working limit and thereby increase the air flow towards the vent. Moreover when a person finds out a damaged or loose venting he or she has to make sure that they call a professional who has the right amount of experience to replace the existing vent and also provide the right kind of safety measures. Furthermore it is recommended that one place the venting system outside the house and it tends to reduce the amount of pressure that is exerted on the vent. When the vent is placed inside the house the walls of the house act as a pressure can and the vent experiences extra pressure and thereby can get damaged. 


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