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How To Follow Some Basic Dryer Fire Prevention Steps

One of the major causes for fire in many residential apartments and even huge housing complexes is fires caused by dryer machines that are a part of washing machines these days. Previously, washing machines came individually and the dryer part of the job was done manually. However, with changing times and given the fact that both the husband and wife became breadwinners, there was a need to make the job of washing clothes as easy and as time saving as possible. This gave rise to the concept of dryer machines being a part of the washing machines. Though this is indeed a good step and does help in saving time and making the job easier for the husband and wife, it also comes with its baggage of risks and problems.

The biggest problem with these dryer machines is that they are potential fire hazard unless some basic dryer fire prevention steps are not taken in the household. The dryer is a machine that helps generate hot and dry air. This air passes through a vent where the spun clothes are kept. As the hot air passes through these clothes, the heat dries the clothes and makes them ready for pressing and wearing. Though it does save a lot of time, if proper dryer fire prevention steps are not taken there is every chance that the dryer might catch fire. This happens because the vent of the dryer machine becomes clogged and jammed with dirt, grime, lint and other corrosive materials. If this is not cleaned regularly, the air in the dryer vent does not have an easy exit route and hence it puts a lot of pressure on the dryer machine. The machine heats up and catches fire if note attended immediately.

Of all the materials that clog the dryer vent, lint is considered the most damaging and inflammable source which could cause a big fire breakout. Lint is nothing but small bit and pieces of cloth that get separated from the main cloths as and when they are subject to high heat during the process of their drying. These separated bits of cloth along with dirt and grime get stuck in the inner surfaces of the dryer vent. As a basic dryer fire prevention step, it is very important to clean this lint very regularly or else there is a big chance of a fire breaking out. Hence the need to clean the dryer vent regularly and thoroughly is considered as a very important dryer fire prevention step.

However, the end user has to understand that the process of cleaning the dryer machine is very complex and would require the use of various machineries, chemicals and other special apparatus. Hence, it would be better to have this job done by an expert who has the required experience and expertise in the field. This part of knowledge also forms an important bit of dryer fire prevention information. If a person is not sure about whom and where to approach for a dryer cleaning specialist, the internet could be the right source of information and he or she should make intelligent use of the same.

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