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Lint- A Culprit behind the Dryer Vent Fire Hazard

The use of dryer makes an important part of our daily life. We keep on using this application to dry our clothes in no time. Dryer has made our life really easy, now we need not wait for the natural sunlight to get them dry. We keep on using it and gradually we start noticing that something is going wrong in its functioning or efficiency has been decreasing, but we never have an idea that this small indication could be a warning related to the dryer vent fire hazard.

Our complaints about its troublesome functioning go on increasing like clothes are not getting dry fast as before, not even look as if clothes have been dried up completely. Sometimes dryer is very hot to touch when in use and all such complaints make us call the professional dryer services for the needed help. The skilled person opens up the dryer completely and shows us the problem which is going inside, that too with a shocking surprise that it was a high time to locate it, if went unnoticed that would have resulted in a dryer vent fire hazard.

Then we realize that it is really important to understand the proper functioning of any appliance which we use in our daily routine, moreover with proper knowledge about how to maintain it to increase its efficiency and to avoid any sort of dangerous hazard.

If we look inside the dryer, main culprit that can lead to dryer vent fire hazard is the lint formation, which takes place during the drying process of clothes and then get deposited inside the lint filter. It is not only the lint filter that gets all the lint, but the dryer vent system also gets affected by its deposition in its folds, which lead to the clogging of the vent pipe. Clogging of the dryer vent pipe with this deposited lint prevents the airflow from the dryer to the outside, hence leads to the overheating that can take a shape of dryer vent fire hazard.

Now all these complaints can be tackled easily or can be managed safely to prevent them to increase further and ultimately turn into a dryer vent fire hazard. First of all, take all the preventive steps, to reduce the lint build up inside the dryer vent system like clean the dryer filter regularly, after every time you use the dryer. Dryer vent pipe should always be made up of rigid metal as small and straight as possible. The shortest distance between the dryer vent and the outside will result in more efficient drying situation and less potential for lint to get deposit there.

Lint is no doubt is the major culprit behind the dryer vent fire hazard but sometimes it is the obstruction at the vent end which will enhance the chances of dryer vent fire hazard along with buildup lint like presence of birds nest in the exhaust end. Birds prefer to make their nest in that safe and warm place, their droppings and nest material will lead to the blockage of the dryer vent, so it is mandatory to cover the vent end with the help of some vent guard.

Periodic cleaning and maintenance of the dryer vent system not only reduce the dryer vent fire hazard but also reduce laundry drying times, increases its efficiency, save energy, last but not the least it will cut cost on utility bills.

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