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Some Commonly Used Dryer Vent Solutions

The practice of using dryers along with washing machine has come into existence more because of changing lifestyle than anything else. Almost a major portion of households have both the husband and wife going for jobs which leaves them with very little time for managing the house. Hence they are always on the look out for newer and advanced technologies that can make their jobs easier and quicker.

Dryer machines which are a part of washing machines have thus become popular. Though it has come in very handy for many households it has also brought with it its own share of problems and dangers. So understanding the common dryer vent solutions is extremely useful in avoiding fire risks in the households. The problem with such fire risks is that apart from being a hazard for the particular apartment dryer vent fires could cause catastrophic infernos that could be engulf entire housing societies.

Before we try to find out more about the commonly used dryer vent solutions we would do better to know a bit about the way and manner in which these dryer machines function and what is the role of dryer vents. If one looks at it logically dryer machines perform the same role as room heaters that are very commonly used in almost all households. As these room heaters generate heat and blow hot air through the ducts to the various parts of the house the same way a dryer vent also pushes hot air but with a different purpose. The main purpose of a dryer is to dry the clothes that have been washed, rinsed and spun by washing machines.

The problem with these dryer vents is because when they are used constantly over long period of time they tend to attract corrosive material and an element called lint. Lint is nothing but small bits of fibers that get detached from clothes because of continuous exposure to heat. Lint in combination with dirt, grind and other corrosive materials gets deposited in the inner walls of the dryer vent. Dryer vent solutions are basically to remove these materials that get deposited in the vent.

There are many types of dryer vent solutions and depending on the type of vent the solution also differs. If the vent is affected only with minor deposits of waste materials then using a blower with some chemicals maybe enough to clean the vent and make it free of dirt and grind. However if there is a thicker layer of deposit then it becomes a problem and the dryer vent solutions have to modified accordingly. In such situations it would require opening the dryer vent and cleaning the accumulated material step by step.

Dryer vent solutions is a complicated and pain staking process and is best left to professionals who have the required knowledge, expertise, experience and infrastructure to carry out these jobs. Many such organizations and individuals are available but identifying a good dryer vent expert needs a bit of patience and research and there are many sources from which such information can be gathered. 

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