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Facts about the Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent if not maintained properly can be a great source which can lead to the fire. If your are familiar with the functioning of the dryer then you can fully understand that some quantity of lint is produced during the drying process of the clothes, which gets trapped by the lint trap, but still over usage of the dryer lead to excess lint, which gets deposited along the vent of the dryer, and lint is highly inflammable.

Lint will reduce the airflow through the vent system and in that case dryer has to work harder which further result in overheating. Overheating will ultimately result in the faulty functioning of the dryer making it less efficient and effective, so it is an important step to clean the dryer vent.

How do we come to know that dryer vent requires to be cleaned?

• If it is taking more time for the clothes to get dry than usual, it is the major sign that dryer vent system needs immediate cleaning.

• Clothes are hotter and give a musty smell after drying, which yet another sign indicating immediate is cleaning.

• You can also inspect for the lint it may be escaping from the back of the dryer or lint on the floor around dryer.

• Visually inspect the exterior vent hood on the wall of your home at the time of functioning of the dryer. You must see flap movements and feel airflow, if not there then high time to get it cleaned.

How to get dryer vent cleaning done

Dryer vent cleaning is an easy process, but we usually forget to do it because everything is going inside the vent but, we should understand the importance of getting it cleaned and how to clean it.

• You can use some products to clean the dryer vent like brushes with rods, which are easily available at the hardware shops. Cleaning can also be done to some extent by the homeowner, but ducts positioning, wrong vent types, length of the vents, vents with many bends or angles and other conditions limit the cleaning at home itself. Again if, the dryer is located adjacent to the wall of the house, the vent system will be short enough to obtain access to all of the ducts and clean it with the help of a vacuum and brush. Above all, conditions will make us get it done preferably by the skilled vent technician; moreover, they will provide you the desired results.

• A dryer vent professional has different types of cleaning tools and equipment depending on the different vent conditions. Repairs might require joining the vents together or changing out the vent, changing a vent hood that exists outside the building, reach places to do repairs, and even making a passage into the wall to repair a vent in case if it is loose. All this repair work requires a professional dryer vent technician.

It is important to be aware of the procedures those are recommended for the cleaning of the dryer vent that will keep you safe and comfortable in your living place. Take a look on the facts that why it is important to get the vent clean, how to know when it is required and how to get it done, all these facts will make you maintain dryer properly.

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