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Warning Signs and Preventive Measures to the Dryers Vent Fire Hazard

When we keep on using the dryer for our clothes on a regular basis irrespective of the fact that whenever we dry clothes, lint formation takes place, and it gets deposited gradually. Moisture and lint gets settled around the walls of the dryer vent and restricts the air flow making the dryer overheat. Lint is highly flammable, and excessive heat can be a major reason behind the dryers vent fire hazard.

When amount of lint deposition increases within the dryer to the extent of creating dryers vent fire hazard, there are a few warning signs, which come to our notice, like:

  • Clothes are taking lot of time to become dry
  • Dryer gets hot after running it
  • Clothes become hotter than before at the completion of dryer cycle
  • Sometimes burnt smell also comes to the notice
  • Clothes do not get dry completely

All the above warning signs indicate us that it has been a high time to clean and inspect the dryer to prevent any sort of dryers vent fire hazard, if these warning signs still remain unnoticed then it can take a shape of dangerous fire hazard.

  • Now lint is something which is created along with moisture and heat in the dryer within the procedure of drying the clothing. Lint trap filters are already there inside the dryer to take care of the deposition of the lint. You simply pull out the filter and clean it on the regular basis. The dryer vent pipe also gets deposition of the lint along its walls while taking the airflow outside the home that pose a danger to dryers vent fire hazard.
  • Sometimes it is the dryer vent pipe only which is responsible for lint deposition on the faster rate and in that case it is important to change it to avoid dryers vent fire hazard in the future. If dryer vent pipe is made up of flexible plastic or foil then it is more prone to get lint deposition than aluminum or rigid metal duct.
  • Even length of the dryer vent pipe also plays an important role in lint settlement with in its folds, more the length more it will give chance to the moisture in the air to get condense leading to more lint within the exhaust pipe hence more chance of dryers vent fire hazard, even longer lengths make dryer work harder.
  • Some of other practices like assembling the vent system with the screws or screening the vent end both will catch more and more lint on the screws and screen hence clogging the duct and creating a dryers vent fire hazard. Preferably use a vent hood to cover the vent end of the duct system and seal the joint of the dryer vent system with duct tape only.

Nowadays people have realized the importance of the dryer safety and are getting more aware about that to prevent dryers vent fire hazard. Disconnect the dryer before doing inspection and cleaning of the dryer vent system on a regular basis and you can also hire professional services to clean the dryer duct which will not only reduce the dryers vent fire hazard but also increase the efficiency and lifespan of the dryer.


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