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Regular Duct Cleaning Will Save You Money On Your Gas And Electricity Bill

It is a known fact that regular duct cleaning will save you money on your gas and electricity bill. But this obvious fact is not seen by many householders who have a feeling that regular spending of money on duct maintenance is a waste of money. This is not based on facts but is a decision that is taken based on opinions. Any equipment that you purchase for your household needs regular maintenance.

The only difference could be the periodicity of maintenance. For example there are some equipment like lawn mowers which require regular maintenance because of the nature of work they are put to. On the other hand, ceiling fans of desktop computers may require very little maintenance. However the fact of the matter is that all equipment requires some kind of maintenance. The same is the case with air conditioning and dryer ducts. There is no denying the fact that regular duct cleaning will save you money on your gas and electricity bill. On the other side, let us look at the potential problems and hazards if the ducts or not properly maintained and serviced regularly.

The problem with duct maintenance is mainly because of the fact that they are located at a point which is away from the naked eye. It usually is fixed atop the false ceiling and it weaves its way in and out of the house. If there are a number of rooms that are supported by a single air conditioning system, then the length of these ducts could be quite significant. The insides of the ducts are not visible to the naked eye and hence it is impossible for the household members to find out what exactly is going on.

The fact that these ducts do not have any sunlight exposure makes them the perfect ground for presence of moisture. Moisture with lack of sunlight is again the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and virus of various types. Additionally other organisms like mold and other harmful things also find it very easy to thrive and grow in the insides of these dark and moist ducts. Furthermore, since ducts absorb a lot of dust and debris, the same get accumulated in various parts of the ducts, mostly in the inside walls. Hence, unless you engage an expert and get the ducts cleaned on a regular basis you will not be able to understand the importance of the statement duct cleaning will save you money of your gas and electricity bill.


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