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Some Very Useful Fire Prevention Tips

Life without heat and fire cannot be imagined. In fact if there was no heat or fire, the very water that is considered to be any enemy to fire would turn into ice and snow. Absence of fire could turn the whole world into a cold, dark and useless piece of barren land within a few years. While there is no doubt that fire is considered to be a life giver, fire can at times become the worst enemy and be the reason for loss of many lives and property.

 Fire accidents are very common and in fact it is one of the major reasons for loss of hundreds of lives across the world. Unfortunately, many of these fires could have been avoided if some simple fire prevention steps were taken. Though industrial fires and other such fires also are the cause of many deaths, fires in residential apartments and complexes are something that can be avoided if the inhabitants and inmates are aware of the risks associated with fire breakouts and the common fire prevention steps that they could take. This article tries to put down some common prevention steps that could be taken to stop fire from breaking out in any household.

As a first step towards stopping of fire from breaking out, it is always advisable to install smoke alarms in all houses and apartments. There are many such smoke alarms and even at an economic price, one can install an effective smoke alarm system in the house. This alarm can act as a very effective fire prevention gadget by detecting smoke early. The next thing to try and install fire sprinklers on the ceiling which would get activated automatically whenever there is a fire. The next important thing is to have fire escape plan for each and every apartment. This can be possible only if there are more than one exit and entrance provisions. Having only one single exit and entrance route could create dangers is there is a fire breakout which blocks the exit route. Hence, this is an important fire prevention point that should always be kept in mind.

The next important thing is to install fire extinguishers in each and every apartment. Many people consider investing in fire extinguishers as a wasteful expenditure. They should understand that fires do not breakout with prior intimation and if it happens it could create a lot of problems. Hence, it is always prudent to invest some money in fire extinguishers and also ensure that these extinguishers work by checking it regularly.

The Kitchen is a place where there could be many fire causing elements and hence it is always better to be alert and be on the lookout for fire hazards in the kitchen. Cooking fuel or LPG is a potential fire hazard and hence as prudent fire prevention step it would always be better to check for leaking valves and gas stoves regularly in the kitchen. The next important thing that is very important to avoid fires in the house is to avoid overloading the electrical system in the house which could lead to electrical short circuits and cause hug fires.


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