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Useful Fire Prevention Tips For Dryers

It is very common to find dryers today in almost every house and they have proven to be a great source for drying clothes. The most important part of the dryer is the dryer vent which does to work of removing the used dryer medium. The biggest problem due to these dryers is the dryer fire and today dryers are considered the major source for most of the home fires in the United States overtaking chimney fires. It is almost impossible for a person to overlook the aspect if dryer vent cleaning as the lint trap present within it can prove to be a potential source for fire. Thus one has to realize the importance of cleaning their dryers and assure other fires prevention tips.

It has to be understood that dryer lint is highly flammable and under the right condition of temperature and pressure they can cause dryer fires very easily. These fires when started spread through the entire vent and then rapidly spread through the entire home. Dryer vents when clogged by lint tend to pressurize the flow of air through the dryer exhaust system and this high pressure makes the dryer work harder and this leads to the overheating of the motor and thereby the fire. Thus fire prevention in dryers is something that one must never ignore or overlook as it can lead to serious complications in the future.

There are a few fire prevention tips that a person can follow to ensure that there are no chances of fire spreading within the dryer. Firstly the person must make sure that the lint trap present within the dryer is not ripped when one is cleaning it. If the lint present is wet then it is the best time to clean the lint trap. Apart from this the lint trap should be scrubbed and cleaned every week. Also the airflow through the exhaust must be checked once or twice when the dryer is working. This is to make sure that the dryer vents are not clogged and there is free flow of air. Also the time taken to dry clothes must be checked as more than one cycle of drying might indicate the presence of excess lint in the lint trap.

Furthermore there are a few fires prevention tips that many are not aware of. These include the use of fire extinguishers within the dryer room just to be prepared for a fire. 

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