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Methods to Access High Rise Window Cleaning Toronto

In Toronto, most of the buildings are high-rise buildings and are generally almost 35 meters high, with many levels at every two meter height. It is really a tough task to get an access but with high rise window cleaning Toronto, it is possible. With the help of specialized equipment, access can be made to get all the windows clean.

Methods to operate the high rise window cleaning Toronto

There are many different methods and equipment which can be used to reach up to windows at different heights. Following is a list of the most common equipment or devices which are used by professional window cleaners in order to get an access to windows in the process of high rise window cleaning Toronto

  1. Boson's Chair, Descending Device, Carabineer, Ladder, Hydraulic access platforms, Cradle.
  2. Climbing harnesses, Latch ways, Scaffold, Water fed Poles; Anchors

Window cleaning especially when it comes to the high rise window cleaning Toronto, tall buildings are too high for ladders or extension poles usage for getting comfortable access to the windows. In that case, we must opt for some other method like suspension from the roof etc, to complete the job.

  • The most accessible method of high rise window cleaning Toronto is to use a large suspended scaffold for those buildings which have large and flat facades. These large suspended scaffolds are able to cover the facade in one attempt and this can hold several window cleaners.
  • It is also very common to use a rope descent system and boson's chair, which is more versatile, but it is suitable only for one person. In this method, buckets are clipped on both sides of the chair, and the skilled person who is sitting in the chair must wear a full-body harness. A safety harness is a sort of protective device, which is designed, to safeguard a person from a fall or damage. It is attached to a separate line with an elastic lanyard to protect in case if user falls out of the chair or the primary line break. Window cleaner must get some attachment to the roof either by using an attachment point such as a structural hook, or use an independent roof rig. These attachments are portable from building to building and usually most suitable for cleaning the windows using the help of rope descent system.
  • Another method of high rise window cleaning Toronto is based on the usage of extension pole. This window cleaning process is simply as productive as the traditional window cleaning but is much safer. It is specially suited to high rise window cleaning, and the current record for this extension pole cleaning is 88ft from the ground.

High rise window cleaning Toronto method is of great importance because it helps to avoid needless falls from ladders and makes the working environment safer. De-ionization water filtration system has poles which are attached to the hose outlet which helps in giving out mineral-free water in order to keep the glass- pane clear and clean for longer time-period. Several methods are available commercially to have an access to high rise window cleaning Toronto. It is needed to get the glass of windows down by specialized cleaning methods and tools that only a professional cleaning company can provide, to keep it clear and sparkling.

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