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How to Avoid Dryer Fire Hazards Safely and Easily

Dryer is one of the most used appliances in your home to take care of loads of clothes. Major reason behind the dryer fires is the lint which gets deposited not only inside the lint trap filter but also along the dryer vent pipe and pose serious damage. Following facts will clear the things related to how to avoid dryer fire hazards.

Basically dryer pipes take the heat, lint and moisture from clothes while drying inside, to the dryer vent outside and this moist lint gets deposited inside the trap filter, also sticks to the sides of the dryer duct, which get dry to a hard crust and build up, reduce the size of the opening of the pipe to escape the heat. This reduced air flow will eventually cause overheating, and a fire might break up there. Lint is the major thing to tackle while thinking how to avoid dryer fire hazards.

Try to clear off the lint

• The lint usually gets deposit in the lint trap filter, and we should clean it every time after each load by pulling it out and gently brushing it off with the brush. Do not forget to clean the area from where the lint trap has been pulled out and clean it with the help of a long, flexible handle of the brush. This will help tackle the problem of how to avoid dryer fire hazards.

• Though cleaning the lint is the first step of how to avoid dryer fire hazards but just by cleaning up the lint from the lint trap filter it is not as you have removed the lint completely, lint also gets settled along the dryer vent pipe. Dryer vent also needs to be cleaned for lint and debris because if go unnoticed over a long time then this can also pose a danger for the fire. It is also important to get the dryer cleaned up by a qualified service technician thoroughly at least every one to two years.

Take care of improper dryer vent pipes

• Dryer vent pipe is also important aspect to discuss in concern of how to avoid dryer fire hazards. Dryer vent pipes should not be too long or having too many bends. Moreover, only metal vents should be in use because they resist crushing and bending better than plastic ones, which will give smooth way, for the hot air to escape preventing overheating.

 • One important factor that can lead to the obstruction in the airflow through the vent is the inadequate space between dryer and the wall. This will put pressure on the venting material leading to the bend or crush hence reducing the airflow.

• The main thing to be considered in case of how to avoid dryer fire hazards, if dryer is placed in a laundry room is to keep the door of that room open while the dryer is working because a dryer needs the same amount of air which it is exhausting out.

It is mandatory to keep your dryer safe from overheating by cleaning the lint trap after each load and its vent should also be checked for any residual lint. If we start following above discussed parameters then, we can safely and easily find the solution to How to avoid dryer fire hazards.

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