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Get to know make-up air unit cleaning and restoration services

Going about make up air unit cleaning and restoration services is very important if you want to run your industrial or manufacturing unit in an effective and safe way. If possible, these exercises need to be taken at least two times each year. Preferably, they can be undertaken once during the heating season and once more during the cooling season. It is very important to make sure that the chosen service provider is familiar with the equipment you at your place. Only then you can be sure of going about these services in an effective way. It may not be possible for inexperienced contractors to take up these kinds of jobs. Even if they do, there are chances that the objectives may not be reached.
Given below are some steps that are generally included within make up air unit cleaning and restoration services.
1. As a first step, you need to lock out electrical and gas connection provided to the unit. Though this is an important aspect, most providers neglect it.
2. Belt drives need to be inspected on a regular basis for alignment, tension, wear and accumulation of dirt. 
3. Manufacturer’s instructions need to be followed for checking the belt tension. If there is too much tension in there, it can result in the premature failure of belts and motor bearings. When there is very little tension, it can result in overheated sheaves, slippage and squealing. If you need to remove these belts, make sure you move the motor just enough to lift the belts easily. 

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