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Dryers are commonly used today in many parts of the world. people have become dependent on these dryers as they have been able to provide effective and efficient cloth drying. Furthermore these dryers tend to save a lot of time and hence have been preferred by many around the world. But these functioning machines tend to perform lesser with their usage and this problem has been one thing that many people failed to find solutions for. Many people fail to realize that faulty usage methods are the main reasons for problems such as these

Knowing the basic working mechanism of the dryer is very important before a person understands the methods of getting rid of the problems associated with them. The dryer uses convection technique to ensure that clothes are dried properly. A heater present within the dryer heats up water and converts it into steam. The presence of moisture is eliminated by heating the steam further. Once the steam is dry it is sent into the tumbler which ensures uniform distribution of the steam among the clothes. Once all the water has been removed from the clothes the dryer the steam is sent to the exhaust vent from where it is expelled from the dryer.

Though the process works without flaws there are some problems that arise due to their repetitive action. The fiber present in clothes tends to get weaker due to constant exposure of steam and hence they are carried away by the steam. This fiber later settles down on the interior walls of the dryer and is called lint. Lint is one of the biggest problems people face while using a dryer and hence there have been many solutions that people have come up to treat this lint.

It is quite clearly understood that the formation of lint cannot be controlled and hence it is recommended that the amount of lint formed in the interior of the dryer be controlled. Furthermore one has to ensure that the dryer is maintained and cleaned regularly. When a dryer vent is not cleaned properly, the formation of lint within the dryer tends to clog the vent. Plugged dryer home vents are one of the most dangerous machines in the house and this is because these plugged dryer vents block the flow of exhaust steam and thereby make the dryer hotter.

It is recommended that these plugged dryer vents are cleaned often and also there are possibilities that other parts of the dryer could have gotten plugged. These can include parts like the screens which are placed to filter the incoming and outgoing steam. The best help that people can get to clean the plugged dryer parts is that of a dryer exhaust cleaning system. This equipment helps people clean the dryer regularly. It is meant to clean lint present in small amounts within the dryer vent by blowing hot air or water into it. Use of this equipment allows the person to clean the vents and other dryer parts without having to remove them.

When the content of lint in the dryer increases the only option one has is to go for professional help where professionals provide effective cleaning of plugged dryer home parts. 

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