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How to Ensure Non Plugged Screens in Dryers

Solutions to dryer problems have been one of the most looked out for on the internet. This has made it quite obvious dryers are one of the most widely used machines today. Despite their effective functioning there are a lot of queries that people have put up against these dryers. One common problem that many people face with the dryers is the controlling of lint. To understand this aspect of the dryer one must clearly understand the working procedure of the dryer.

The dryer basically uses the principle of using a medium to remove the wet water content from the clothes and dries them. The medium in most of the dryers produced today is steam which is obtained by using an electrically heated furnace. Thus the presence of a heater makes it necessary for the dryer to have top safety measures included in them. The steam which is sent into the tumbler and distributed uniformly among the various clothes has an irreversible effect on the clothes when exposed for a long time.

The time taken by the dryer to dry clothes depends on the load fed to it and hence when a high load is placed within the dryer there are chances that the clothes get exposed to the steam for a long time. When this happens the cloth loses its toughness and fiber present in the cloth is taken away by the steam. This fiber then solidifies non-uniformly in the various parts of the dryer exhaust system. This fiber which settles onto the various parts of the dryer vent is called lint. The lint proves to be the source of a number of problems and hence one must make sure that they control the formation of lint on the vents of the dryer.

Apart from this the steam which is the vapor of a universal solvent has the ability of carrying other corrosive agents along with it. As the temperature of the steam decreases the corrosive material drop off from the steam and settle on the interiors of the dryer. Hence one must also take care of this aspect of dryer usage.

There are many ways that a person can remove these lint and corrosive materials but as a dryer user one would intend to prevent the excess formation of lint and corrosive material. This can be done with the help of screens. Plugged screens are very useful in preventing the formation of lint in essential parts of the dryer. Use of a plugged screen blocks the passage of steam carrying lint and allows only pure steam out of the dryer. Apart from this plugged screen with special chemicals placed in them can neutralize the various oxidizing materials that help in the corrosion of the inner parts of the dryer. Moreover one has to ensure that they clean the plugged screen placed within the various parts of the dryer regularly to ensure that they do not end up slowing down the process of the dryer. Also one must ensure the replacement of this plugged screen in case there is any damage to it. 


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