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How to Ensure Prevention of Fires

When a house is built or people go in an apartment to stay, the first and foremost thing that comes into their mind is to ensure prevention of fires in the house or the apartment. Every year, thousands of people die to due to preventable fire accidents in houses and apartments and a bit of care and caution could go a long way in saving a lot of precious lives and property. Fire safety should be given the utmost importance. When building a house or an apartment this point should be well taken care of.

One more point that people should understand is that apart from the fire which causes a lot of death and destruction, many people die due to smoke that billows from such fire accidents. Hence along with prevention of fire, steps should also be taken to prevent accidents caused by inhalation of poisonous and toxic smoke billowing from fire accidents.

There is a number of equipment and gadgets that go a long way in fully describing a total fire security and prevention system. The first and foremost thing in the prevention of damages from fire is to have a good fire alarm system. This should get automatically activated on whenever there is a fire or smoke which could later turn into a major fire. A good fire alarm system should be able to gauge when and where a fire has started and should be able to pass on the information to all inmates of a house or apartment. There are many types of fire alarms. The most common ones are sound and visual warnings. These alarms flash bright lights apart from having a blaring horn which can be heard quite some distances away.

The next important thing as far as prevention of fire is concerned is to have a good fire extinguisher system. This system should be available in each and every floor of the house or apartment and they play a big role as a first line of defence before the fire personnel actually arrive. The occupants of the apartment and the houses should be trained in the use of these fire extinguishers and should be able to handle it in an emergency. It is better to have these fire extinguishers checked once in a while to see that they are in working condition.

Another important aspect in the management and prevention of fire is to educate the occupants about some common steps that they should take as preventive measures. Conducting regular dry runs would be of great help to make occupants aware of some basics things to do in case of a fire. The occupants should also be asked to take care inside their house by following some basic norms regarding handling of cooking gas, electric appliances and other such things. Continues education and keeping the inhabitants of the latest happenings in fire technology can be of great help.

On the whole, it is better to remember the age old proverb that prevention is better than cure. However, in spite of the best preventive steps, quite often things go out of hand and major fire accidents do occur. For such eventualities we should be prepared to cross the bridge when we come to it. 

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