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Importance Of Quality Duct Cleaning

Dryer vents are one of the most important things in the dryer’s functioning. It is almost impossible for the dryer to function effectively without a dryer duct system and this has to be something that a person does not forget. Also dryer fires are something that must originate in these dryer ducts and hence one must also be able to understand the fact behind this. Dryer fires are mainly generated due to the lint present in the dryer ducts and hence they are to be kept under constant supervision. The lint present in the dryer ducts, act as a potential source of fuel because they are a fuel source for any fire that sparks and hence their formation is something that has to be avoided.

There are many ways that one can remove the lint present in the dryer ducts but one has to understand the working of the dryer if they are to ensure quality duct cleaning which is free of lint and other impurities. The formation of lint is basically due to the medium that is used to dry clothes in a dryer. The medium is generally hot air or dry steam. This medium not only removes the wetness from the steam but it also ensures that a part of fiber from the cloth is removed. This fiber later settles onto the inner walls of the dryer duct and is called lint.

The method used for the removal of lint depends on the amount of lint present in the dryer duct. Quality duct cleaning can be ensured only if the amount of lint present in the dryer is predicted and the necessary method used. When the amount of lint present in the lint is less one can make use of a quality duct cleaning method called the dryer duct blower mechanism which uses a blower and sucker technique that blows and sucks the lint out of the dryer duct. This is an effective method and one has to understand that the presence of lint needs to be ascertained every time cleaning is done.

If the lint present in the dryer duct is more then one cannot use the blower technique as it is ineffective. Thus one need to get professional help and ensure the complete removal of the dryer assembly and then one must involve in the quality duct cleaning. This is because once the lint in the duct increases more than a certain proportion then the air that is blown is blocked and can sometime lead to fires due to increase in heat and pressure within the dryer duct. Thus the removal of the dryer parts and manual cleaning is the only option left. 


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