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Importance of Robotics Cleaning

Use of modern technology is becoming quite evident in almost all spheres of life. The internet, mobile telephony, computer and television are small examples of how technology can play a big role in the overall development in human life. Another such technology that is closely related to computers is robotics and robots. It is now becoming extremely common to see the use of robots in various ways and one such area where robots are being extensively used is the areas of cleaning and maintenance. Robotics cleaning is today becoming a very useful and almost indispensable in the field of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).
It is a known fact that ducts and vents which form a major part of any HVAC system are extremely popular (nay notorious) for being the main reason for damaging the quality of air inside many homes, offices and other such places. It was as early as 1982 that the first robotics cleaning machines were used. Before we understand the importance and significance of robots as a tool for cleaning ducts and vents it would be helpful if we found out why there is a need for cleaning ducts and vents.


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