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Surprisingly Strange Things We Found In Ductwork

We’ve been washing ducts for some time, and to our surprise, strange things we found in ductwork, may be stacked in there for over years. Here, is a partial discussion on some of the stuff that can be frequently found in there, so far.

A raincoat, running shoe, the Coin container, diamond rings, besides the typical stuff, for example, hair, cereal, coins, dead rodents, pencils and plenty of dust are among the strange things we found in ductwork. A myriad of old handbags and football cards, Crop up cans, espresso cups and baby bottles also are strange things we found in ductwork.

We’ve identified pieces of Sheetrock, lunch totes, and perhaps a wide open can of sardines among the strange things we found in ductwork.

There were several bits from a well used wooden set, glass beads and all sorts of half-melted plastic gadgets. Surprisingly, once discovered eve a pack of cleaning items within people’s ductwork that individuals use as part the home-show display, it will always be remembered how many people were surprised to view such strange things we found in ductwork, carelessly stacked in and may result in fire hazards.

Even at times, the duct cleaning companies went to perform service and found that the house owner was worrying that his air flow vents had not been blowing since there wasn’t any cooling within their family room. On checking up the ductwork, it turned out that older vent had huge slots inside of it. After examined the problem with close eye, had a flashlight also a mirror and could see precisely how it appeared from the inside and may have blocked the ducts with strange things we found in ductwork.

Sometimes when there is no way to examine what is stacked inside the ductwork, the duct cleaning companies might make a dent into the Sheetrock ceiling in the basement in order to mend a hole within the duct. To the shock, duct cleaning companies were alarmed to see books, and not to mention VCR tapes. By the time, they were tired to find strange things we found in ductwork. No wonder the family members weren’t getting just about any airflow.

Patching the hole inside the duct with sheet metal, this is not at all a problem for the air duct companies to close in such cases of drilling. They may install grill to cover up the hole within the dry-wall, or the house owner may prefer to do it by themselves in some cases. This way they are happy that they acquired perfect air flow going into their family room which was stacked due to strange things we found in ductwork.

If you need the ducts mended or cleansed, or have to get your vent relocated or are pondering if you can have more airflow within certain parts of your property then call air duct cleaning companies immediately. They are total problem solvers within your region, and perhaps do the tiny jobs which no one else generally wishes to perform. One of such tasks concerns the strange things we found in ductwork.


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