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Exhaust systems cleaning for automotive manufacturing and food processing company. Dryer Vent Cleaning.Interior Dryer and Vent Cleaning. Washroom & Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning. Make Up Air Shaft Cleaning. Duct cleaning for commercial buildings.

There are several situations when duct cleaning could make sense. If the machine exhaust not working properly and fumes filing the production facility whit smog. Or in food processing company fall dust and contaminated the food from the production line.

If you are moving into a newly constructed commercial building, and have doubts about the diligence of the construction crew, duct cleaning can be useful. Drywall dust, fiberglass pieces, and sawdust have no place in ducts. Duct cleaning will also catch the odd occurrence where lunch bags or soft drink cans have fallen or been swept into ducting.For similar reasons, duct cleaning may be advisable for older factories following major renovations, duct cleaning after renovation,duct cleaning may be advisable for older factory following major renovations. If you are having trouble with furnace airflow, a duct cleaning could reveal significant blockages. Have the ducts cleaned before you embark on more expensive duct replacement or rerouting to solve an airflow problem.

Cleaning of furnace and air conditioning components (e.g. furnace fan blower, air conditioning coil, humidifier, furnace heat exchanger, etc.) has been shown to make some difference in duct air flow. If you look in the return air registers and see an accumulation of debris in the duct below, you may want to have it removed. CMHC research showed that return air ducts, which are relatively big and have slow moving air, are generally far dirtier than the supply ducts. For example, production facilities with food assembly lines may find it necessary to inspect their return air ducts more frequently.

Bay maintenance indoor air quality in your Toronto home with duct cleaning and you can relief some of the symptoms  : Respiratory disease- (Shortness of breath, Cough , Noisy breathing, either wheeze) . Asthma -(Chronic regular cough constant). Allergies- (sneezing, coughing dray troth, red, nasal discharge,dry eyes, eye burng).The pollens, molds, dust mites, animals, chemicals and indoor pollution are the main triggers.

Total Duct Cleaning has been providing duct cleaning services in the Toronto area since 1987. Our company is comprised of the very best duct technicians. Our loyalty and dedication to our customers has been and always will be a great and important aspect of our company. 

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