Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) Cleaning

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•HVAC Cleaning :

We clean HVAC system. Because these deliver 3 functions (heating, ventilation & air-conditioning) to provide thermal comfort & acceptable indoor air quality, even manufacturers recognize the importance of this task. It makes nonsense to clean ductwork if Furnace fan is left untouched. Air ducts deliver exactly what an air furace fan drives, and if the furnace fan is dirty, so are the air ducts.

It is the same as you are washing your shirt but you washed only the sleeves. Is the shirt completely clean and ready to use? No, it isn’t!  That’s how your HVAC system is when the furnace fan and AC coil aren’t cleaned with the duct cleaning.

2 - Duct Cleaning :

Heating vents in the house, connecting the furnace whit kitchen, washroom, living room or bedroom they are going to be cleaned individually one by one. The hot air main line and cold air main line, those are the big main pipe downstairs where most of the dust are hiding and the air intake grills located behind your couch.

2 - Furnace blower fan cleaning:

Your fan has a chamber and it has blades. The dirtier they get the flatter they got. The normal blades are round, and what;s happening to your blades is some much dust built up in there, they’re actually gone flat. Now that those blades are flat, they’re not moving the air through the heat exchangers fast enough, which means your furnace gotta work harder to get the heat through, which means that furnace is overheating.

3 - A/C Coil Cleaning :

If you haven’t seen an AC Coil before, it looks like the radiator of your car(see the picture). You know the rad, it doesn’t have much room between the slots, so dust can pile up in there quickly. Moistened dirt build-up on its surfaces work pretty much like a hair clog in your sink. It will restrict airflow up to a point in which ice build-up may occur, blower fans choke, fan motors overheat or burn, or may cause blower surfaces & surrounding areas to get filled with mold. The AC Coil is very important for the air flow, because all the air travels through here, whether it’s summer or winter or just ventilating the house, and when it gets plugged, less air goes through, so you’re getting less heat upstairs. It’s something you need to do right away.

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